AC Circuit Definitions| Features Advantages, Disadvantages

Alternating current (AC), which means it will change periodically. We know that the DC current is always flowing in the same direction where the AC current is positive in one direction and after that, the negative will be negative. In this article, we will learn some basic questions about the AC circuit.

What is going on in our discussion today:

  • What is an AC circuit?
  • Features of AC circuit.
  • The advantages of the AC circuit.
  • Disadvantages of the AC circuit.

What is AC circuit?

When an alternating current is flowing through all the parameters of a circuit, it is called an AC circuit.

In the AC circuit, There are 3 types of parameters.

  1. The register
  2. Inductor and
  3. Capacitors
ac circuit
AC circuit

In the above circuit, there is a register, an inductor and a capacitor 220 The volt alternating current is flowing. 

So this is an AC circuit. 

Width value in AC circuit  (Magnitude value) Bong current and voltage direction are not constant. This changes over time. In addition to the AC circuit sine wave Which completes one cycle as a half positive cycle and half a negative cycle. 

Features of AC circuit

  1. The voltage or current in the AC circuit varies with time.
  2. It has no specific positive and negative terminals.
  3. Generators are used as sources in AC circuits.
  4. The source voltage of the AC circuit can be easily reduced and increased.

AC Circuit Facilities:

  1. Transformers can be used in AC circuits.
  2. High voltage can be made in the AC circuit.
  3. Its Instrument Efficiency is very high.
  4. AC circuits can be easily converted to DC circuits.
  5. In AC circuits it is possible to handle single-phase loads in addition to three-phase loads.
  6. With AC circuits, it is possible to transport energy efficiently and at low resolution by increasing the voltage generated by the generator
  7. .The AC circuit can be converted to a DC circuit with a rectifier to handle various DC loads.
  8. The electrical components of the AC circuit are low in cost, small and smooth in size.

Disadvantages of AC circuit:

  1. C circuit cannot be used in Battery Charging Circuit.
  2. It cannot be used in Electroplating and Electric Traction Circuit.
  3. Due to the skin effect, low current flows through the AC circuit.
  4. The effect of frequency on the AC circuit reduces and increases the value of inductance and capacitance.
  5. The equipment used in the AC circuit is permanently reduced due to vibration noise and harmonics.
  6. The voltage drop in the AC circuit is high, resulting in poor regulation.
  7. Only resistors, inductors, capacitors are used as parameters in AC circuits.

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