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What Is Prime Mover | Types | Explanations | Talk About Turbines

Prime movers are the main and most important device of a power plant or power plant. Today we will discuss this prime mover in detail.

What’s going on in today’s discussion:

  1. What is a Prime Mover?
  2. The class layout of the Prime Mover.
  3. Diesel Engine
  4. Steam Turbine
  5. Gas Turbine
  6. Water Turbine

What is Prime Mover?

Prime mover is a type of machine that uses electrical energy to generate electricity and produces a magnetic field and an armature with a coil of wire on top that is rotated by the magnetic field to produce this power. And the machine with which it rotates is called the prime mover. For example turbines.

Prime movers basically revolve around themselves and help generate energy for others. It can not be called prime mover only if you turn it around and help others generate energy because one of the characteristics of the prime mover is that the mechanical energy is obtained from the natural mover. Such as a steam turbine, gas turbine, water turbine, inbound and outbound engine.

Normally the prime mover rotates the shaft of the AC generator at a power plant.

what is prime mover

An electric motor, on the other hand, rotates various pumps, lathe machines, boring bars, etc., but is not a prime mover because it uses electricity generated by the generator instead of natural energy.

Classification of prime movers

Prime movers can be divided into two main categories. Namely:

  1. Thermal Prime Mover
  2. Hydraulic Prime Mover

1. Thermal Prime Movers are divided into two parts:

(A) Outbound engine
(B) Insulated engine

(A) The external engine has two parts

  1. Reciprocating engine
  2. Turbines

2. The turbine is again divided into three parts:

  1. Steam turbine
  2. Hot air turbine
  3. Gas turbine

(B) Internal engine and divided into two parts:

  1. Reciprocating engine
  2. The jet engine

The reciprocating engine is divided into two parts:

  1. Two-stroke engine
  2. Four-stroke engine

Both strokes are again divided into 3 parts

  1. Gas engine
  2. The petrol engine
  3. Diesel engine

2. The Hydraulic Prime Mover is divided into two parts

A. Water cycle

B. Water turbine

We can adjust the class layout of Prime Mover as follows

what is prime mover

According to the abundance of natural energy sources, diesel engine prime movers, steam turbine prime movers, gas turbine prime movers and water turbine prime movers are being used for production in Bangladesh.

The following is a brief overview:

Diesel Engine

Diesel fuel is used as a fuel in the Prediesel Engine Prime Mover. This Prime Mover is covered by the Inside Engine. Inflammation is the engine that refers to the combustion of a mixture of fuel and compressed air into a cylinder. Petrol, kerosene, gas and dual-fuel engines are also covered by the diesel engine Prime Mover. But in the case of power generation, the insulated engine refers to the diesel engine itself.

The steam engine is also called the extrusion engine because the water inside the boiler becomes steam at the heat of fire in the reactor to produce the steam from which the steam engine is powered, that is, the steam is generated by external heat here. However, steam locomotives are not commonly used for energy production.

Prime mover
Diesel Engine Prime Mover

what is prime mover

In almost all districts of Bangladesh, there is one or more diesel engine prime mover powered power plants. Among these, diesel engine power plants like Thakurgaon, Saidpur, Bogra, Bhola, Rajshahi are notable. Usually a diesel engine with two strokes or four strokes and multiple cylinders is used as the prime mover of the power plant.

Steam Turbine

what is prime mover

Water is used as a steam turbine prime mover in thermal power plants or nuclear power plants.

Thermal power plants require reactor boilers and some accessories to convert water into steam. Coal, high speed diesel, natural gas, etc. are used as fuel for thermal power plants.

In Bangladesh, steam turbines are used as prime movers at Ashuganj, Siddhirganj, Goalpara, etc. High power generation is produced.

what is prime mover

On the other hand, a nuclear reactor, heat exchanger or boiler and some accessories are needed to convert water into a nuclear power plant.

Uranium 25 is used as fuel in nuclear power plants. The thermal power plant is particularly known as the central power generation center.

what is prime mover

Nuclear power will be generated through steam turbines using nuclear fuel at the Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant.

Gas Turbine

Gas turbines are used as prime movers in the power plant. The compressed air (comb and combustion in the combustion chamber produces explosive gas), and with that explosive gas, the gas turbine rotates at a rotating speed…

what is prime mover

Gas turbine prime movers are used for fuel such as crude oil, naphtha, natural gas, etc.

Naphtha is a kind of natural fuel. Petroleum contains about 10 percent naphtha. The hydrocarbons of 10% naphtha have carbon numbers ranging from 7 to 14.

Gas turbines are used as prime movers in a number of gas turbine power plants, including Bheramara, Shahjibazar, Goalpara, Barisal, Bangladesh.

Water Turbine

Water turbines are used as prime movers in water power projects. The water turbine rotates at a rotating speed due to the push of water energy by constructing dams in the river Khosrota.

what is prime mover

Water turbines are being used as prime movers in a hydroelectric project on the Kaptai Karnafuli River in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh.

Among the Prime Movers mentioned above, the Diesel Engine Prime Mover is the best Prime Mover or Best Prime Mover.

Click the link below to find out why Best Prime Mover:


Power Plant Engineering – Bisbonath Majumdar

Science Direct



Prime Mover: Definition | Types | Explanations | Talk About Turbines
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