Basic Concepts About Single Line Diagrams | Power System

The single line diagram of power system is very important. Three-line power systems are very easy to illustrate or describe with a single line diagram. The circuit breaker, transformer, capacitor, busbar, etc. can be described using a standard symbol with three wires instead of three wires in the three-phase line.

The single line diagram is also called the blueprint of electrical system analysis. This single line diagram can be used to easily design a substation. Below are some symbols of the single line diagram.

Symbol Of The Single Line Diagram of Power System



single line diagram of power system

In addition to these symbols, there are numerous symbols that can be used in single line diagrams. Symbols like CT, PT, VCB, ACB, etc. may also be slightly different. But will never be completely different. Below is an image of a single line diagram.

Single Line Diagram Of Power System

single line diagram of power system

The single-line diagram above Auto-cad Drawn with software. With this single line diagram, it is easy to know what to look for in designing a substation. In designing substations, many calculations have to be done. It is in the middle of LT and HT Side Cable Selection, Circuit Breaker Selection, City & PT Selection, Busbar Selection, Power Factor Improvement Calculation, etc. We will publish articles on these issues gradually.



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