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Occasionally we are faced with some circuits that cannot be solved with Ohm’s formula or other formulas. Then we have to seek the help of certain sources. Workforce formulas are specialized formulas that can solve many complex circuits.

To facilitate the discussion, we have divided the discussion of Karshoff’s formula into two parts.

Today is his first part.

Whatever is in the first part:

  • Basic knowledge.
  • The formula for the cursive.
  • The current source of the curves or KCL
  • Explains the current source of the cursive.
  • Strategy to solve using the current formula of Kirchoff.
  • Solve questions with the current formula of Kirchoff.

Basic knowledge

Before starting to know what the formula for the curves is, we need to remember what the node, branch, and loop are. Otherwise, Karshoff’s sources cannot be properly understood.

The sources of the Kirchoff

1847 German physicist Gustav Robert Kirschf He published two sources related to voltage and current.

Gustave Robert Kirchoff

His formula is two-

  1. The current source of cursive Or  KCL.
  2. The voltage of the curves is the formula Or  KVL

The value of the unknown current in a circuit can be calculated using the formula of cursive.

Kirchhoff Current Law or  KCL. 

Kirchoff said in his current source,

“The sum of the current entered to a node is equal to the sum of the current exiting the node”.

That is, the algebraic sum of the currents added to the node is zero.

According to law Incoming Current is equal to Outgoing Current

Or, Iin = Iout

Or,‌‍ Σ I = 0

Explain The Kirchoff Formula

We will explain the current source of Kirchoff in light of the image below.

Interpretation of Kirsch’s current formula

In the figure above there are 4 conductors or conductors which are denoted by a, b, c, and d respectively, and these conductors are combined at 3 points. This 4 T through the conductor respectively I1, I2, I3, And I4The current is flowing. Their directions are marked by arrows in the figure. Look at an A And B Current I1 And I2 Of  ০ Entering the point, again C And D Current I3 And I4 ০ Getting out of point.

Here, if the value of the incoming current is positive, then the value of the output current will be negative. According to the current source of the Kirchoff, we can write,

I+ I2 + (-I3) + (-I4) = 0

Or, I1 + I2 = I3 + I4

That is, incoming current = emitted present

The point is, no current is stored on the node The amount of current that comes is exactly the current.

Strategies To Be Solved Through The Current Formula Of Kirchoff

If the current enters the node, it will be positive or negative, and if the current exits from the node, it will be negative or negative.

After solving the following question, the matter will be clearer.

Solve The Question With The Current Source Of Karshoff:

Question: In the figure below a node is shown. In the three arms of this node 3 A, 4 A And 2 A Current has shown. Determine the amount of current from the node.

KCL Math

Solution: I think,

I1 =3 A

I2 = 4 A

And I3 = 2 A

As you can see from the picture,  I1 And I3Entering current node. So they will be added, that is, +I1 And +I3. The current appears again I2 Exiting node. So they would be minus, that is,  -I2.

Now if we sort it into an equation,

+ I1 + I3 – I2 = 0

Or, 3 + 2 – 4 = 0

Or, 5 – 4= 0

Or, 1 A

So this node has 1 A current.



Introductory Circuit Analysis Book by Robert L Boylestad

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Book by Charles K. Alexander and Matthew N.O. Sadiku



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