Common Questions and Answers on Electrical Switchgear and Protection

The switchgear consists of a variety of instruments such as fuses, disconnected curry switches, circuit breakers, etc. All these components are used for switching, controlling and protecting electrical circuits. If any error occurs in the line, the switchgear immediately disconnects.

Classification of switchgear 

There are basically two types of switchgear depending on the voltage

  1. LT Gear
  2. HT Gear

HT Gear Again there are two types based on usage

  1. Indoor Gear
  2. Outdoor Gear

Each component consists of a switchgear

The main two modes of switchgear are relays and circuit breakers. The other analogs of switchgear are:

  • On the bus
  • Measuring instrument
  • Conductor and tripping instrument
  • City, PT.

Some questions and answers about switchgear

  1. What is a circuit breaker?
  2. What is a Miniature Circuit Breaker?
  3. What is an air circuit breaker?
  4. What is the fuse?
  5. What is the fusing current?
  6. What is the cut off current of the fuse?
  7. What is the Current Rating of Fusing Element?
  8. What’s the relay?
  9. What is the Buchaz Relay?
  10. What is Isolator?
  11. What is the arc and what is the arcing voltage?
  12. What is Lightning Arrest?

There are other questions as well.

What is a circuit breaker?

The circuit breaker is an electrical switching device that disconnects or disconnects the electrical circuit from being supplied. It also controls and protects electrical circuits.

When an overload or short circuit occurs in the circuit for any reason, the circuit breaker automatically disconnects the electrical circuit from being supplied. Circuit breakers can work in no-load conditions, full-load conditions and fault-free conditions. And the circuit breaker is a part of the switchgear.

What is a Miniature Circuit Breaker?

This circuit breaker is widely used. We use this type of circuit breaker in our home. MCB  Full name – Miniature Circuit Breaker 

electrical switchgear and protection
Miniature Circuit Breaker

The word miniature means small. Miniature circuit breakers operate on a small amount of current. These circuits are smaller in size. 

What is an air circuit breaker?

Air word Bangla means air. It is a circuit breaker called arc circuit breaker which is used to extinguish the arc and operate at normal atmospheric pressure.

electrical switchgear and protection
Air Circuit Breaker

What is the fuse?

Fuse is an electrical safety device. The fuse starts its operation when the current flows in the circuit. A metal wire or piece of wire in the fuse.

electrical switchgear and protection

When the current flows in the circuit, this metal swallows its tee and protects the circuit. When the fuse operation is finished, it can be re-opened and replaced with metal.

What is the fusing current?

We know the fuse melts when excess current flows into the fuse. The minimum current that flows through the fuse melts is called the fusing current. The value of this current is higher than the fusing element’s current rating.

What is the cut-off current of the fuse?

A short circuit means that the fuse melts before the current reaches the maximum, which is usually called the cut-off current of the fuse.

What is the Current Rating of Fusing Element?

When the excess current flows into the fuse wire, it becomes very hot. The current rating of the fuse is known as the maximum current that the maxim can carry without the fuse melting under these overheating conditions.

What is a relay?

The relay is a protective device that opens the circuit by responding to a predetermined electrical condition on the power system. The relay protects the entire system from damage only if a system error occurs.

What is the Buchage Relay?

The transformer is usually mounted on a reel in the pipe between the transformer tank and the conservator for various safety and warning systems.

electrical switchgear and protection
Buchalage Relay

Well used in this relay on the cooling transformer. This reel will work when the heat generated from the excess current is transmitted to the transformer tank.

What is Isolator?

Isolator  Distinguish the Bangla meaning of the word. The isolator is a type of manual mechanical switch that separates a part of the circuit as needed.

electrical switchgear and protection

Isolators are used in electrical substations to disconnect various equipment such as transformers from no-load or lightly loaded lines. It is usually operating offline.

What is the arc and arc voltage?

An electric arc is a type of electric discharge that occurs between two electrodes and causes small splashing.

The arc voltage is the voltage that is found in the contact area of the circuit breaker in the arcane period.

What is Lightning or Lightning?

Lightning or lightning is called electric discharge between the cloud and the earth or between the cloud and the cloud or the charge center of the same cloud.

What is Lightning Arrest?

The word lightning means thunder and Arrester mean the Bangla meaning of the word. Lightning Arrestor will attract lightning money. 

Lightning Arrester is a protective device that sends high voltage directly to the ground on a power system.

What is the Surge Voltage?

A surge voltage is called abnormal voltage rise for a very short period of time on a power system. It is also called a transient voltage.

Who is Serge Diverter?

Surge Diverter is a kind of protective device that sends high voltage surges to the earth directly to the power system. Also called Lightning Arrester.

What is a sub-station?

A sub-station in a power system is a center where the management of such equipment helps in the modification of various types of electrical features such as voltage, AC / DC conversion, frequency, power factor, etc. Such a center is called a substation or power station.

What is a Power Line Carrier (PLC)?

Power line carrier to the line through which the power station, sub-station, receiver station has its own emergency communications management telephone. (PLCC)Says.

What is the Earthing Switch?

The Swiss used to send the existing charging current on the ground to the ground during transmission line maintenance (ES) Known as Earlier, the line was connected to the Earth by Earth Swiss by disconnecting the circuit with the isolator.

What is a Wave Trap?

One of the carrier equipment used at the sub-station is Wave Trap, a device through which the transmission line’s wave is filtered. Communication frequency is also transmitted through the power line, after which the telephone or communication system is completed by separating the communication frequency with the sound wave.

What is the switching effect?

The swissing effect is called the process of overvoltage being generated on the power system during the swissing operation. 


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