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What is Electric Current | Formula | Unit | Circuit Diagram

We are all less familiar with the word current. If the power goes out of our house or office, we say the current is gone and the electricity is gone. But what is this current? Which direction does it come from? Many of us have no clear idea about these topics. So today we will talk about the current.

Things that are in today’s discussion:

  • What is the electric current
  • Current symbol and unit.
  • Current flows in either direction.
  • Current types and expressions.

What is the Electric Current

As we all know, atoms have electrons inside them. Again, the electricity that flows through the wire also has electrons in it. In general, the electrons inside the wires are randomly dispersed. But when a source or battery is attached to this cable, the source or battery acts as a pump and pushes random electrons. Then the electrons are gaining momentum on one side and then the current starts flowing through the wire.

what is electric current

Now let’s try to understand with an example –

Suppose a pump is fitted with a water pipe. There is water inside the pipe but the particles in the water are fixed and the water inside the pipe is not flowing anywhere. But as soon as the pump was started the water started flowing through the pipe. In this case, the pump is flowing water particles in a certain direction by applying pressure.

what is electric current


The pipe is conductive or its, the water particles are the electrons and the pump is the battery.

From the above discussion, we can say that the current is the flow of electrons.

In electrical or electronics, the Measurements of electron or charges Flowing with a conductor at a given time is called current

That is,

Current = difference in electron flow rate / time.

Symbols and units

The current symbol is “I” And being single is Empire

In short, A Is expressed with.

When a Coulomb charge flows through a conductor or cable for a second, it is called an ampere.

Coulomb is the unit of charge. The sum of a certain amount of charge is called a Coulomb.

How To Measure Current:

The current is measured with an ampere meter or ammeter. During the measurement, the emitter series is to be connected to the connection. Click the link below to see the image:

what is electric current
Current is measured with an ampere meter

Current flows in either direction:

Suppose there are two ends of a wire. And the edge being two P The edge And N The edge. P The edge is the positive edge and N The edge is the negative edge. Now the question is, where will the current flow? From positive to negative or negative to positive. We will now know about this.

what is electric current
Benjamin Franklin

When Benjamin Franklin first learned about the current, he thought the current was moving from positive to negative. But later it was seen that the current went from negative to positive. Further research revealed that whether the current is positive or negative to negative, it does not change the calculation. So with respect to history, it is said that the current goes from positive to negative. But in fact, the current goes from negative to positive. As has been said before, wherever the current is, the calculation does not change. So we can calculate any one of the aspects during the calculation.

Types of current

The current can be mainly divided into two types namely:

  1. AC or Alternating Current
  2. DC or Direct Current

Click below to read details about AC and DC current:

In addition to the above two types, the current is classified as Eddy Current.

Current Eddie What does it mean?

Eddy current is produced from the coil made of copper. Such as motor, transformer, etc. When AC current moves through a coil, the AD current creates a magnetic field inside the coil and around the coil. This magnetic field is wrapped around the wire-like ribbon.

what is electric current
Eddie Current

Later, numerous magnetized fields such as these ribbons converge and form a large loop. If for some reason the current of one of these loops increases, this current increases the magnetic field of all the surrounding loops. Eddie Current is diagnosed with a loss. Because this current doesn’t work for us.





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