Turbine Selection Process At Power Plant | Selection of Prime Mover

Before setting up a power plant in one of the areas, first of all, select the appropriate prime mover or turbine. And when determining or selecting this prime mover, the main 3 aspects are most importantly considered. For example:

  1. Power demand levels.
  2. Type of use
  3. Availability of natural energy sources.

A brief overview of the above is given in the context of Bangladesh:

Power demand levels:

The first thing to consider is the demand for electricity in residential, industrial factories, commercial establishments, office courts, etc. where the power plants are being set up. If the power demand is 5 MW or less then a diesel engine prime mover powered power station can be set up.

However, it is logical to set up a prime mover powered power station like a gas turbine, steam turbine, water turbine, etc. if the power demand level is more than 5 MW.

Type of use (permanent or temporary):

The second factor to consider in the election of a prime mover is whether the established power plant will be permanent or temporary.

Demand for permanent electricity is required in local or industrial areas. For this reason, any power plant based on prime movers, such as gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel turbines, water turbines, can be set up in those areas respectively.

However, it is more logical to establish a diesel prime mover powered power station when remote areas or areas where mines are required to set up temporary power plants for temporary electricity.

Availability of natural energy sources:

In areas where power plants are to be set up, it is important to consider the abundance of natural energy sources. Otherwise, it will be seen that once the power plant becomes inaccessible due to lack of energy source or fuel. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the abundance of natural energy sources in the area.

For example in the east of Bangladesh, there is a lot of natural gas and some water power. Therefore, gas and steam turbine prime movers powered power plants were set up using natural gas as fuel in that area. In these areas, one or a number of prime movers can be installed easily.

On the other hand, it is logical to establish a power turbine prime mover-powered power plant in large areas of the river Khosrota. Where there is an abundance of diesel fuel, one or more diesel prime movers powered power plants should be established.

Prime areas where coal, diesel engines, gas turbines, etc. can be set up in power plants where there is no natural energy source but the facilities for importing and transporting fuel.

For example, power plants in the western region of Bangladesh.s w


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