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From the discussion of Prime Mover, we learned that diesel engine Prime Mover is the best Prime Mover among the various Prime Movers.

In today’s discussion, we will learn why this diesel engine is called a good prime mover. The diesel engine is considered to be a good prime mover considering the following few aspects:

  1. Convenient production capacity.
  2. Easily transferable.
  3. Easy to turn on and off in a short time.
  4. Spare parts are low.
  5. Installation and maintenance costs are low.
  6. As a powerful engine.

The following is a brief overview of the above topics:

Convenient production capacity:

Diesel engine prime movers can be installed to power units exactly where the power is needed. There is no unnecessary waste.

Diesel power generation units are usually seen at a capacity of 5 kW to 1.5 MW.

Easily transferable:

In deserts or in remote areas where there is no electric overhead line connection, diesel units with the right capability can be easily transferred wherever there is a need to quickly electrify the area.

When the work is finished or not needed at all, or if an overhead line is constructed, the unit can easily be returned to its previous location at certain times. Diesel units are commonly used in coal and oilfields in the remote areas for the benefit.

Easy to turn on and off in a short time:

The diesel engine can be easily turned on or off in a short time. If electricity is suddenly disconnected in an emergency area like hospitals, educational institutes, cantonments, etc., it can be started in a short time to meet the demand of the power unit. If the demand for electricity is met, it can be closed again in a short time.

For this purpose, one or more diesel units are installed at the steam power station and other power plants for carrying out the picked load.

Spare parts less:

The number of accessories and spare parts used in diesel units is lower than that of thermal power plants or other power plants, cheaper in price and somewhat lighter in weight, and can be carried anywhere. It does not have to be a hassle for transportation.

Due to the above, one or more units can be installed at the diesel engine power plant to meet the increased power demand.

Installation and maintenance costs are low:

The diesel engine’s spare parts require little space to install. It also reduces fuel, lubricating oil handling, and maintenance costs.

As a powerful engine:

The compression ratio of the diesel engine is from 15: 1 to 11: 1. So this engine is more powerful than the engine used in petrol, kerosene, gas, steam, etc. This is mainly because nowadays most diesel engines are used as prime movers in most buses and trucks or underground engine-driven power plants.


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